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Stamp Mate is an advanced stamp collecting manager for managing your own stamp collection
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30 May 2015

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This software helps manage a stamp collection.

Stamp Mate is a stamp collection manager for managing your stamp collection, wish lists, selling lists etc. This tool is able to automatically import information from the Colnect’s free online database. This can help save a significant amount of time over trying to enter the data manually. The interface to the program is quite friendly and easy to use. Most users will not find any challenge in starting to use it. Even when the collection has grown really big, this tool will let you manage things easily. Stamps can be added automatically. It is easy to search for specific stamps by country, keywords, year of issue, etc. You can obtain stamp properties like image, name, country, series, etc. Importing all the detailed information about stamps could be easily done, except that you must have an account at Colnect.

If the auto-search fails to turn up the information about a stamp, the details can always be entered manually. Additional details that apply to your personal collection; such as the album, location, quantity, price, estimated value, etc. can be entered into the database. Managing your stamp inventory is simple too. Managing the quantities, of different stamps you have, is possible. You can store multiple quantities and values by condition. Status of stamps could be maintained. You can tag your stamps with Have, Wish, Trade and Sell, etc. Status can be added by a simple click on status button. You can even customize your own status list. Multiple edits are possible. Purchase data can be maintained.

Publisher's description

Stamp Mate - The Stamp Collecting Software
Stamp Mate is an advanced collecting manager for managing your own stamp collection, wishlist, selling lists, etc. Its main advantages are user friendly interface and automatic import (thanks to Colnect API) that will save you a lot of time you would normally spend for manually entering the information. Besides it also has many other useful features such as Managing quantities, Purchases, Sales and Swapping, A lot of print reports for printing the collection lists, Importing data from your existing collections and many more.
Because the source of the stamps is an online database which is updated daily you don't have to buy the new licenses every time just to get new data.
Stamp Mate is suitable for personal and professional use.
You can download our 30-days trial version and find out that managing large amount of stamps has never been so easy!
Stamp Mate
Stamp Mate
Version 2.2
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